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Im a Niccolo Machiavelli reading... GQ studying... Polymath fearful of mediocracy, so i wake up everyday determined #StriveForGreatness. 23(Leo/Virgo Cusp) This is my blog, where Lust, Desire, and Ambition meet. I value me more than I do you, So...


Okay so yeah I play around before I put my clothes on so what?

Hate how she affects me… 😒

"As a friend and a teammate, I am sad to see my brother LeBron leave to begin a new journey. In 2010, we decided to come together all for one goal — to win championships and we succeeded. We were friends when we first joined the league and created an unbreakable bond the past four years. Our collaboration will always be very special to me both personally and professionally. We shared something unique and he will always be part of my family. LeBron made the right decision for him and his family because home is where your heart is. I know this was not an easy decision to make and I support him in returning to his roots. As an organization, a community, and as individuals, we achieved the goals we set when we first signed on together. We are champions.”- Dwyane Wade

Lebron swats Iverson

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford